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    NudiProof Clear iPhone 7/8 Screen Protector for LifeProof Nuud


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    TechShark’s new Flexible Nano Glass for the LifeProof Nuud series is the ultimate piece of added protection missing from your LifeProof case.   Being so flexible, Nano Glass is so much easier to apply to your devices screens, as they can’t break in the process.   Don’t worry if you don’t get it in the right position on the first try either, Nano Glass is easy to lift up and reposition.

    TechShark’s Nano Glass Screen protectors for LifeProof Nuud cases are specifically designed for the iPhone 7 and 8 Lifeproof case.   Have extreme protection for your iPhone with the ultimate Screen protector for LifeProof Nuud.

    Tech Specs

    Hardness: 9H

    Thickness: 0.15mm

    Anti Shock and Anti Shatter

    Flexible, can be bent 180°, does not break, chip or shatter

    Lightweight, almost half the weight of tempered glass

    Light Transmittance: 98%

    High clarity and transparency without compromising screen colours

    Appearance is clear